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PP silencing drainage pipe

Perfect Low-Noise System

HTPP mute drainage pipe adopt national patented technology raw material, it absorbs and blocks sound transmission through high-density special molecular structure.

HTPP mute drainage pipe adopt inside surface smooth proprietary control technique to control drainage speed and balance the water friction between wall and air inside the pipe, so as to reduce the drainage noise. The noise is lower than other pipe system

Advanced Flexible Connection Method

HTPP mute pipe can connect by socket sealed rubber. This connection method is in good watertight performance, easy assembly and disassembly, without limited by installation environment which can reduce installation cost.

Each flexible connection port can absorb or compensate some pipeline thermal expansion or shrinkage, which can be useless or less use expansion joints.

Sealed rubber ring have good sound effects, which can avoid the water impact noise transfer to next pipe



 PP silencing drainage pipe
 PP silencing draina..