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PVC-U spiral silencing pipe
PVC-U Spiral Silencing Pipe and Fittings
Material: Unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride)
Size: full 75mm through 160mm availability
Standard: Q/LS 07-2008
Colors: white or other colors available upon request
Form Supplied: 4m, 6m or other length available upon request
High Flow Capacity£ºThe smooth interior walls and low friction factor of PVC-U drainage pipe result in low flow resistance and high volume.
Low Installation costs:Light weight and installed with solvent cement and gasketed joint.
Easy installation reduces the installation costs.
Long service time£ºCan work for more than 50 years under proper use.
Environment-friendly£ºCan be recycled.
Can reduces the noise come from the flow.
Soil and waste discharge pipelines(the suitable temperature is below 40¡ãC,and instantaneous discharge temperature is below 80¡ãC) inside and outside buildings.
Rainwater pipelines outside the buildings.
Buried drainage pipelines without pressure on the ground.
PVC-U spiral silencing pipe
PVC-U spiral silenci..