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PE-RT floor heating pipe

High intensity,excellent compressive resistance and impact resistance.
Movement resistance.Low requirements for foundation treatment,suitable for soft soil or quicksand foundation.
Easy installation, effectively prevent the liquids' penetration.
Smooth internal wall and low friction factor.
Corrosion resistance:No acids,bases,and salts.
Light weight,easy to transport and install.
Material: Ethylene-Octylene Copolymer
Pressure Rating:1.0MPa,1.25MPa,1.6MPa,2.0MPa,2.5MPa.
Size:Full 16mm through 32mm availability
Colors:White. Other colors are also available upon request.
Form Supplied: Supplied in coil. Also supplied in straight length upon request.

Light weight: Easy to transport and installation.
Excellent flexibility: No need to use special tools or heat while install the pipes(especially in winter). Has little influence to the service life as the interior stress produces from bending the pipes is low. Easy to fix because of it's excellent flexibility. Reduces costs as it has low demand for wire netting which use to fix the pipes. The pipes can be supplied in coil.
Thermal conductivity: Suitable to be used as floor heating tube as geothermal conductivity s 0.40W/mK.
Low-temperature impact resistance: Can keep high elasticity under low-temperature. Not easy to crack if impacted while install the pipes.
Environment-friendly: Can be recycled and won't cause pollution or secondary pollution.
Stable processability: Do not have to control crosslinking evenness, the simple machine workmanship can make the products possess stable performance.
Long service time: Excellent environment adaptability and good corrosion resistance. Can work for more than 50 years under proper use.
Reliable connection mode: Can use hot melting joint to form a completely closed anti-seepage system.
Sanitary: Non-toxic, good sanitary performance.

Use for floor heating system in many kinds of places. For example: sitting room, bed room,public bathroom, swimming pool, kindergarten, nursery, nursing house etc.
Cold & hot water supply. 

PE-RT pipe
PE-RT pipe