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PP-R-AL-PP-R pipe
PP-R!AL!PP-R pipe retain all the advantages of ppr pipes,besids there are extra advantages,such as:
1,the High stiffness,low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE),very close to metel pipes,meanwhile because of adding  Aluminum,the stiffness of pipeline has enhanced vastly, avoiding deformation resulted from Expansion and Contraction ;
2,High Barrier Property,the Aluminum strip in the pipe completely prevents the oxygen penetration,to some extent avoids the metal equipments rusting in the pipeline because of oxygen penetration;
For drinking water pipelines, the Aluminum strip probably cutting off the outside pollution source; in addition the Aluminum strip also can preventing the ultraviolet rays invading,so the inner pipe would not degradate,besides because of the excellent opaqueness,the microorganism could not undergo photosynthesis,which ensures the sanitation of the pipelines;
3,Mechanical capacity,because of the Aluminum strip ,the impact resistance,Rapid stress cracking resistance ability and High temperature resisting creep degeneration were vastly enhanced.


PP-R!AL!PP-R pipe
PP-R!AL!PP-R pipe