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PB pipe with oxygen barrier
Light weight,easy transportation.Excellent flexibility,easy installation.Good endurance quality,non-toxic. Can be used for 50 years with it's high polymer and stable molecular structure.Corrosion resistance. Can prevent microbial violations, assure the quality of the water  stored in the pipe.Excellent frost resistance and heat resistance.Can be used normally under the temperature range  from  -20°„C to 110°„C°£Smooth internal wall,30% increase in flow compare with galvanized pipe.Excellent thermal scalability,advanced connection mode.Use integrate hot melting  joint.Can avoid the leakage of the joints or the movement of the pipes from the changes of temperature or the  phenomenon of water hammer.Energy conservation. Can save 30% of the energy compare to copper pipe when uses PB pipe to get low temperature floor radiant heating.Easy maintenance and upgrade. Won't adhere to concrete when buried in the ground.
Water supply (sanitary pipe) and hot water supply.
Heating supply.
Air conditioning pipe and industrial pipe.
Snow removal pipe
Hot spring pipe
Automatic spraying system pipe
Warm water pipe to adopt solar energy
PB pipe with oxygen barrier
PB pipe with oxygen ..